People Roster

Here you can find a list of the members of our group, their contacts and the links to their webpage.

If dialing in from outside, the prefix # becomes:

  • (+ 39) 049827 (for University personnel);
  • (+ 39) 049967 (for INFN personnel).

Gr. IV coordinator:

  • Massimo Passera, room 312, ext #7180;

Gr. IV secretariat:

  • Paola Zenere, room 233, ext. #7119 - Fax: #7112;

Email addresses should be followed by

Faculty and Senior Staff Members

Name Affiliation Phone Office e-mail
BAIESI, Marco University7106108 baiesi
BALDOVIN, Fulvio University7348106baldovin
BARTOLO, Nicola University7125236 bartolo
BRIGNOLE, Andrea INFN 7256366brignole
CANTON, Luciano INFN 7233361canton
CASSANI, Davide INFN 7189315cassani
DALL'AGATA, Gianguido University7183311dallagat
D'ERAMO, Francesco University7305307fderamo
FERUGLIO, Ferruccio University7241313feruglio
FORTUNATO, Lorenzo University7197354 fortunat
GIUSTO, Stefano University7196355 giusto
LAVEDER, Marco University 7123247laveder
LECHNER, Kurt University 7135231lechner
LENZI, Sivia Monica University 7191363lenzi
LIGUORI, Michele University 7157236michele.liguori
LOTTI, Paolo INFN 7189315lotti
MAGLIONE, Enrico University 7135231maglione
MARCHETTI, Pieralberto University 242marchetti
MARITAN, Amos University 7175328maritan
MARTUCCI, Luca University 7232357martucci
MASIERO, Antonio University 7166240masiero
MASTROLIA, Pierpaolo University 7195360mastrolia
MATARRESE, Sabino University 7120238matarrese
MATONE, Marco University 7142243matone
ORLANDINI, Enzo University 7171331orlandini
PARADISI, Paride University 7141306paradisi
PASSERA, Massimo INFN 7180312passera
PELOSO, Marco University
RIGOLIN, Stefano University rigolin
SENO, Flavio University 7159212seno
SOROKIN, Dmitri INFN 7136232sorokin
STELLA, Attilio University 7172331stella
SUWEIS, Samir University 7251326suweis
TROVATO, Antonio University 7159212trovato
VITTURI, Andrea University 7194359vitturi
VOLPATO, Roberto University 305volpato
WULZER, Andrea University 7235308wulzer
ZWIRNER, Fabio University 7258314fabio.zwirner


Name Affiliation Phone Office e-mail
DE BLAS, Jorge University 7235 308deblas
IWAMOTO, Yosuke University 7235 308
LAPORTA, Stefano University
MARRANI, Alessio University marrani
NTOKOS, Praxitelis INFN 305 ntokos
SUMENSARI, Olcyr University 7141 306
VIGNAROLI, Natascia INFN 7305 307 vignaroli

Ph.D. Students

Name Ph.D. course Phone Office e-mail
BANSAL, Sukruti XXXI bansal
BENEVENTO, Giampaolo XXXII383benevento
BOMBINI, Alessandro XXXII 7131234bombini
CRIBIORI, Nicolo' XXXI 7131234cribiori
GALLIANI, Andrea XXXI 234galliani
GANZ, Alexander XXXIII 303ganz
LANZA, Stefano XXXII 7131234lanza
ORLANDO, Giorgio XXXII orlando
PACCIANI, Leonardo XXXIII 303pacciani
PAPINI, Lorenzo XXXIII 383papini
POBBE, Federico XXXII 242pobbe
RAVENNI, Andrea XXXI7243344ravenni

Long Term Visitors

Name Affiliation Phone Office e-mail

Former postdocs

Name Position Current Affiliation
BARON, Walter permanent researcher National University of La Plata (AR)
BELLAZZINI, Brando permanent researcher CEA Saclay (FR)
BERTONE, Gianfranco spokesperson of GRAPPA Amsterdam (NL)
CASSANI, Davide permanent researcher INFN, Padova (IT)
DI BARI, Pasquale Reader University of Southampton (UK)
FAEDO, Anton postdoctoral researcher UB, Barcelona (ES)
GIRLANDA, Luca permanent researcher University of Salento (IT)
HAGEDORN, Claudia Assistant Professor - CP3-Origins University of Southern (DK)
JOAQUIM, Filipe staff Instituto Superior Tecnico, Lisbon (PT)
MATIAS, Joaquim permanent researcher UAB, Barcelona (ES)
PARADISI, Paride tenure-track senior researcher Padova University (IT)
PARK, Jae-hyeon postdoctoral researcher IFIC, Valencia (ES)
PASSERA, Massimo permanent researcher INFN, Padova (IT)
PEREZ Victoria, Manuel full professor University of Granada (ES)
PIETRONI, Massimo full professor University of Parma (IT)
PILO, Luigi permanent researcher University of L'Aquila (IT)
PLAUSCHINN, Erik research fellow LMU (DE)
RIVA, Francesco postdoctoral researcher EPFL (CH)
TORRE, Riccardo postdoctoral researcher EPFL (CH)
VEMPATI, Sudhir associate professor IIS-Bangalore (IN)
WULFF, Linus permanent researcher Brno University (CZ)

Former Faculty and Senior Staff members

Name Phone Office e-mail
BASSETTO, Antonio Emeritus7113 241bassetto
COSTA, Giovanni Emeritus 7131 234costa
DE GRASSI, Giuseppe Associate Professor at Rome 3 University
GIUDICE, Gian Francesco Director of the CERN TH Department
PASTI, PaoloUniversity7136232pasti
RIOTTO, Antonio Full Professor at Geneva University
TONIN, MarioEmeritus†